Monday, January 12, 2009

Marley and Me

Go see this movie.  Take a whole box of Kleenex and someone that loves "bad" dogs as much as you do.

Handmade Goodies from Mom

Just before Christmas I was perusing for good Christmas gifties and I found this super awesome scarflette thingy and really wanted it, but not for that kind of money.  Soo...  I called Mom and Auntie Judy (who happened to be visiting and is also an awesome knitter) and they said that if I found some cool yarn, Mom could easily knit scarflettes for me.  Now, I don't know how familiar you all are with Etsy, but there are about 100,000,000 yarn makers on the site and it took me about a week to just choose two.  The first is from Loop and she lives just outside Washington DC and makes these amazing hand spun yarn that frankly looks like Dreadlocks, but much softer.  This particular yarn is call Hot Mulled Cider.

The 2nd Scarflette is made from a yarn called Snow in the City by Larimeloom and she lives in Alba, Northern Italy.  I LOVE having a scarf made out of yarn by some totally talented creative girl from Italy!!

I hope you think they are super cute too.  I have worn the Snow in the City already and think that I will wear the other this week for sure.  You can place orders with my Mom since she is retired now and in full hybernation!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas Wrapup

These are just a couple of pics of the kids tobogganing during the Christmas break.

Working 9-5

So....  at the beginning of December Curtis was relaxing at the kitchen table reading the local weekly newspaper when he came across an employment ad for a full time receptionist at Patriot Law Group in Onoway.  Let's just say HE was very excited.  I saw the rapid end of my "retirement". 
To make a long story short, I applied for the position and after two interviews became the newest member of the firm.  I am working from 9-5 Monday to Friday, but I have heard that most Friday's we get to go home early.  
This last week, January 5th - 9th was my first week back working full time since 1996.  No, I am not kidding.  To say the least, by Thursday, I was pretty tired!   

This picture was taken Thursday morning after my shower and 1 cup of coffee.

All kidding aside and the loss of my mid morning nap, I am really enjoying being out and conversing with grown ups about something other than karate, elementary school and highland dance.  My employers, Ed and Michelle Gallagher are great and my co-workers Dalphine and Carla are very nice and easy to get along with too.  I am filling in a mat leave position for the previous receptionist, but I am hoping that it lasts more than the year.  Have to say I don't miss my friends, Ellen and Oprah, much at all ( I catch most of Ellen before I head to work).

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Early Christmas Present

In early December my wonderful friend, Tammy, emailed me some pictures of some kittens that a friend of her's was trying to give away in Red Deer.  Well, I couldn't resist!  Little Kfer (K for kitty) came to live with us about a week before Christmas.  I was too chicken to tell Curtis and I couldn't tell Claire because she can't keep a secret to save her life, so, I told Daniel and he and I counted down to arrival day.  On the way home from Edmonton with the kitty, I called home to tell Claire we were on our way and she heard the kitten meow.  After I hung up with Claire, my cell phone rang again, less than a minute later.  I said to Daniel, "the jig is up!"  Yes, she told her Dad in that small amount of time!!  

Kfer came for my own selfish reasons because I haven't had a kitten since Freedom was a baby and also for practical purposes as I have decided to retire Freedom from his cat testing duties and Shaylee has never been good at that job.  They are living very happily in the basement and come up each morning for "snacks".  So far Kfer is everything I wanted in a kitty.  She is super cuddly and has no fear of the dogs, as you can see in the picture.  She even plays with Tipper now and Tipper plays back!!  

We just love her to pieces.  How could you not!!

Kfer and her friend, Chester didn't make it through
The Sound of Music.

Christmas Day, FINALLY

I know, I know.  It is January 7th and I am just now putting up the Christmas Pictures.  We had an amazing holiday even though it was consistently at least -20 and we were on our own.  It was very relaxing and I think, what Curtis, the kids and I all needed.  We watched movies, played the Wii and even took on the sliding hill in Onoway for about, 20 mintues one day.  There were many days where we were in our pj's from sun up 'til sundown!!

We started the festivities with Christmas Eve dinner and enjoyed a meatless meal.  We ate Shrimp appetizers, Asian Salad, Broccoli Casserole, etc and Cherry Cheesecake for Dessert. Then after dinner we watched the Sound of Music.  Daniel never wants to watch this movie, but he always ends up watching the whole thing!

Christmas day started at about 8:30.  We opened stockings and prezzies and then had a nice breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast and hashbrowns.  Curtis is not keen on any of those slow cooker/breakfast casserole thingys(Jenn, I am sure your's was FANTASTIC)!!  After breakfast we watched Horton Hears a Who and had a nap.  Supper was Turkey and all the goodies that go with.

Daniel with his "Sensei Beaver" Claire
built him at Build a Bear.  Do you think he likes it?

Checking out the Pogo Stick from Santa and calling
"Balogne" to whatever Dad is saying.

Daniel showing off the Muay Tai shorts that
I designed for him online.  No one else will have a pair like this.

Claire with the curling irons she has wanted for at least 6 months.
Thank you EBAY!

Claire with her apron and sweater from Nana and Papa.

Daniel's sweater made by Nana

Opening the Rock Tumbler

Christmas Pj's

This picture is for reference.  These are the sized of glasses that I 
have for my crystal that are not for wine.  FYI Mom and Steph!