Tuesday, February 2, 2010


This is your new word for the day "Quadbogganing". This is what my friend, Delphine, and her family, call pulling a sled or toboggan behind a quad at high speeds. Carlam is also very familiar with this outdoor northern Alberta sport and introduced Claire, Daniel and I to it recently.

Claire and Emma got to try it out one weekend when Emma slept over. This was their inaugural run and they weren't going very fast so, don't worry that they don't have helmets on.

One thing we have learned is that Chester cannot take part in this sport because he thinks it is fun to try to remove the slider from the sled and has ripped some jackets and even some skin!!!

Emma coming out of the pasture.

Claire getting ready to give it a try.

Claire still hanging on as she approaches the end of the lane way.