Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Daniel Receiving his Yellow Prajieds

Video of Daniel receiving his Yellow Prajied from Sensei Chris (blonde) and Sensei Mike Bonde.

Daniel Completing 3rd Tai Pad Drill

This is a video of Daniel completing the 3rd of Three 2 minute pad drills he has to do to earn his Yellow Prajied. It is much harder than you think, and completely exhausting. As you go up the ranks of Muay Tai, the length of the pad drills goes up to 3 minutes and the number increases to 6 I believe. Intense.

Daniel Passes Yellow Muay Tai Grading

On Sunday, January 26th, 2008 Daniel and I braved a wicked winter storm and headed into Edmonton to the Arashi Do South Dojo for his Yellow Muay Tai Grading. He is required to fight two rounds with different people and complete pad drills in order to pass. Daniel was the only kid there under the age of 17. He was initially nervous when the "pick a partner" started, but calmed himself down and carried on. We are so very proud of him and how he is learning to handle himself in stressful situations.

Sensei Chris Bonde is on the left hand side and a Muay Tai black belt. He asked Daniel if he had any fun when we were leaving and Daniel took his time, looked at the sky and said "Yes.". Sensei Chris said " Well that is good. I never know with you Daniel because you never smile." Hard to smile when you are sure the guy next to you is going to kick your butt!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Under the Scotsman's Kilt ( World of Warcraft )

I LOVE THIS SONG!!! Enjoy and good luck getting the song out of your head the rest of the day!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cassidy, our Foster Dog

This is a video of Cassidy, our new foster dog, playing with our pack in our turnout pen. He is very sweet and I hope that he finds his forever home very soon.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Miscellaneous Claire and Daniel

These are pics of Claire and Daniel is some new duds for Nana and Auntie Mee-Mee's benefit.

This is the shrug that Nana made for Claire over Christmas. She is not feeling it yet and I don't know why. Maybe because it is still to cold to just wear a shrug. I will see if I can get her to wear it.

This is Daniel is his Ninja hoodie that he wears all the time when it is not dirty. He showed it to Sensei Mike last week and Mike thought it was very funny.

I have to do a little bragging here. This is the practice skirt that I made for Claire. Isn't it awesome? I didn't think that I had it in me, but once I thought about it for a bit, it was easy. She loves it and I think was quite surprised that I could make it after all. Claire told Miss Kathryn that "it only took me like two hours to make the whole thing"!!


Well, the new year has started and we have been busy with extra canine visitors at our house. The 1st visitor we had in the new year was Pebbles. She is one of my absolute favorite greyhounds and her Mom and Da
d decided they needed a new year's break in Vegas so, Pebbles came to spend the week. Chester and her got along famously and I actually had to separate them and put Chester in his crate at times because they would not stop playing together and they drove me crazy!!
We miss her, but I am sure that she is happy to be home and her family are happy to have her home. Thanks so much to the Hall's for letting us look after her!

Chia Pet

Claire and Daniel received and Donkey Chia Pet for Christmas from Auntie Marj and Uncle Bill. Thank you Auntie Marj and Uncle Bill!!!
We soaked the seeds and the Chia last week and finally got to plant it on January 11th, 2008. By early last week there were signs that stuff was starting to grow! It is a little creepy looking and you have to be very careful that you constantly are filling it with water to keep the clay wet, but it seems to be growing!

Daniel and Claire placing the gooey seeds on the Chia Pet.

My veggie boy trying the seeds. He said they tasted good!

This is what the Chia looked like on January 18th, 2007. We will let you know if anymore grow!

Monday, January 7, 2008

The Best Christmas Presents Ever!!!

The best Christmas presents that Claire and Daniel received came in the mail last week!!! Well, actually they started coming in December, but the new ones came last week. As one of their many presents that they received were subscriptions to Chickadee (Claire) and Owl(Daniel) magazines.

Daniel and Claire received their December magazines under the tree and quickly devoured them. They knew that their would be a new magazine come in January so as soon as Tuesday came last week, they started asking if they had come in the mail yet. Thursday was the lucky day and both the Chickadee and the Owl arrived!!!

The next 45 minutes were blissful!! There was no fighting, no bickering, no complaining. Daniel read his magazine and Claire read hers. Then they switched and read each other's magazines!! Claire wanted to do one of the games in her magazine, so she asked to copy the page because she did not want to deface her Chickadee in any way.

YAY Owl and Chickadee!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Tipper and her Fizbee

This is Tipper and Curtis' Dad playing Fizbee. She loves her Fizbee and will not give it up, even if you swing her around. If you drop her and the Fizbee she is sure that it is a terrible mistake and always comes back for more!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Outside on Christmas Day

This is a video of our Christmas Day Afernoon activities. Curtis got his old snowmobile running and the kids really enjoyed him pulling them behind the noisy, smelly thing!! Everyone had a great time!