Tuesday, March 23, 2010

City of Edmonton Torch Relay Leg

Edmonton Stop on the Olympic Torch Relay

Group Shot before the Torch arrived in Sir Winston Churchill

The Hare Krishnas of the Torch Relay passing out
these cool light up, bang together balloon thingys!

D behind the Canadian Flag

D and the torch lit behind him.

Daniel and Hyrum taking in the festivities!

Daniel and his friend, Hyrum and I went into Edmonton over a month ago to take part in and see the Olympic Torch when it came to the City. It was very cool! We decided after the torch arrived to see how close we could get to the stage. During this process, we were adopted by a very small Asian lady who was obviously using me as her way to the front of the stage, she even at one point even said "I sorry, but you big!!!". Glad that I, as a strong well built Canadian girl, could be of help to one of our new immigrants at this great display of National pride.


This is Marla. She is the daughter of a couple that are friends with my friend, Dena Friars. Dena got to babysit Marla for a week while her parents went on a lovely vacation to Florida. I LOVE THIS LITTLE GIRL!!!!! For starters, she has red hair and green eyes. She is also a bit of a terror, or as Dena likes to call her "The Terminator". I truly believe that this child was meant to be mine. I know, go take my meds (sigh). No plans to kidnap her...... yet.

Girl's Day Out

About a month ago, I took the Friar girls and Claire for a day at the West Edmonton Mall. The highlight of our trip was Build-a-Bear. If you have no idea what I am talking about, it is a store where you choose a flat plush animal and have it stuffed complete with a plush heart that you have made a wish on. You then get a Birth Certificate for your new best friend and then you can pick clothes, accessories and anything else you can think of to make your new friend feel truly loved and to drain your mother's bank account! We also went to Triple Flip(think Lululemon for girls) just to try on clothes! So fun!!

Eve with the Stuffies the girls made. Eve's is the pink
Unicorn, Claire's is the Cheetah and Emma's is the bear.

Claire with the new stuffed buddies

And last, but not least, Emma