Saturday, February 9, 2008

Visitors in the Pasture Today

We have 4 deer that have been in our pasture since last summer. They seem to be quite comfortable on our property and other than the constant threat of "I need to buy a bow", they have come to no harm. Today they came from the bush in front of the pond (behind the garbage can) and all the way down the pasture parallel to the laneway and then over our fence, out onto the road and across to the other side. Can't wait to see in the summer if our 4 become 8! This picture was taken through the diningroom window and this is the 3rd deer in the line. Two are already in the pasture heading for the road.

These pictures were taken through the livingroom window out the front of the house facing the road. They are just getting ready to jump the fence and head onto the road. I think that there are two on the road already. The last one is the smallest of the four and he is always the last in line.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Pictures of Wanda just for Teresa and her Family

Here she is! She is completely cute and a very social little girl. She loves to give kisses and I can't wait for you to meet her on Sunday.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

An Oldie, but a Goodie

Jenn's comment on Claire's new haircut brought back some memories and I thought that I would share this oldie, but goodie with everyone! Not many have seen this picture because it was taken at the Red Deer Westerner Days by the guy who owned the baby crock for about .... $20.00. Daniel had to hold the crocodile and anything Daniel did, Claire did too or there was hell to pay!! It is one of my favorite pics of the kids and Claire just hates it. Will not even look at it when you point it out to her and how cute she looks!

Speaking of Claire she was chosen to have one of the speaking parts in the grades 1-3 play that is being preformed at the school at the end of the month. There were over 50 kids that auditioned for speaking parts and only 20 or so were chosen. We may have a real life actress on our hands! That would explain a lot actually LOL!!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Claire's new Haircut

Last Thursday Claire decided that she was going to cut off most of her hair and have a nice snazzy new haircut. I think that it is so cute and so much healthier now. She originally wanted a pixie cut, but we decided that should wait until summer and I am glad because I can still put this cut up in two french braids for highland. These pics were taken after her bath once we had straightened it.

The Brindle Girls

This week we are babysitting Flynn(red collar) and Britta. Both girls are the same color, but couldn't be more different. Flynn is a wonderful demure, quiet, tiny greyhound that just comes up to you and wants cuddles and she tucks her head, which I think is so cute. She also loves to sleep on our bed! She especially likes it when the electric mattress pad is turned on. She sleeps on the floor at night on a nice cushy dog bed and as soon as Curtis heads out the door she hops up on the bed and cuddles in until my alarm goes off. She just nests in the goose down comforter and the pillows and has very nice cozy sleeps!

Britta is a tomboy! She is crazy about toys and rips around the house like a crazy girl. She actually does this thing that I call crazy dog where she just spins in a circle in the livingroom and chases her own tail. I have never seen another greyhound do this and Chester is sure that she has flipped her lid when she does it. She is anything but dainty and is loving playing with Chester! It has been freezing here, but I am hoping that it warms up so that we can go out and play with a ball. Her new mom tells me this is her favorite thing to do!