Thursday, June 24, 2010

Driv'in a Big Rig

Guess what???? This spring when Carlam was down for a visit, he let me drive a 5 Ton truck!!!! For those of you not in the know, this is a SEMI!!!!! Air brakes and everything and even the pull down horn!!!!! I was very excited and SUPER intimidated, but he showed me how to do it and I got to drive it about...... a mile. Yep, but that was enough for me and another thing that I can add to my checklist of accomplishments!!!

I told you it was a SEMI

Doing the check of everything before I got to drive.
Carlam took me through all the steps before I got in the
driver's seat.

Carlam and I before we headed out. Claire is the photographer.

In the truck and ready to go!!!!

Checking behind me and freaking out because there is a car
behind me and I did not want to roll backwards and
squish it like a bug!!!

Claire and her bunny came along for the ride.
Daniel decided that it wasn't worth losing his life over.

Claire took Carlam's picture with Bunny too!

The end of our drive. Great fun!!!

Bunny is too exhausted to get out of the truck, poor bunny!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

BJJ Seminar and Tournament

In February Daniel took part in a two day BJJ Seminar and Tournament when Professor Behring was in Edmonton from Brazil. He only comes twice a year so it is very important to go to the seminar when he is here. This is also the only time you can grade for any stripes/belts in BJJ.

Daniel's Arashi Do Professors are Professor Andrew
and Professor Mike (from the left in the top row)

Professor Behring is standing beside Daniel. As you can
see, he may intimidate Daniel, just a bit.

Daniel and Hyrum Duet at OHS Grade 7 Band Concert

OHS Grade 7 Band Concert

OHS Grade 7 Band Concert

OHS Grade 7 Band Concert

Just a quick little note so that you have some idea why there are so many YouTube uploads of a high school band. Daniel started band this year in grade 7. Now that we are all past the shock that my little boy is in grade 7, we can move on. HE LOVES IT. He has been playing the Clarinet and also the Saxophone. Next year he is taking band as one of his options and hopes to get into the Honors Band. Nana and Papa came out to Onoway and got to enjoy the Grade 7 band concert with Claire and I. It was really great and Daniel is doing very well at it.

2010 Parkland Music Festival

2010 Parkland Music Festival

2010 Parkland Music Festival

Claire Skis the Berkebeiner

Claire crossing the finish line at the 2010 Berkebeiner.