Thursday, October 30, 2008

Claire takes a Class Trip

On October 16th Claire's class took a trip to the St. Albert Museum to learn about the Metis and Peru's native people, the Inka, and learning the similarities and differences of the two groups.

Discussion with Museum Curator.  

Making Peruvian paper dolls.

After the Museum the kids and Mr. Dunn all went for a walk along the river.
This is Claire and her BFF, Shae.

Mr. Dunn leading the troups back to the bus.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I made AWESOME blankets!!!

I have to give props to my friend, Cindy M., she showed me how to make these awesome super easy blankets.  You just need two pieces of fleece, a yard and a half each.  Then you lay them bad sides together and even them up a bit.  They do not have to be perfect.  Then you cut out the 4 corners and then you cut 1 inch wide x about 3 inch long strips all the way around the blanket.  Once you have all your strips cut you tie the top and bottom corresponding strips!  Super, super easy.  If that was completely confusing, you can get the directions here, but keep in mind her directions are much more exact and she did her knots differently.   I felt like a pro making my blankets while I watched Project Runway last night.

Claire's blanket is being modeled by our new foster,
Tazzy Guiness
 (we are in the process of changing his name from Taz to Guiness)

Daniel found an interesting use for his new blanket today.  So, can also double 
as a midevil fighting robe if necessary!  Mom, now you know what was
under the sweater!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Last of the Goose Hunting Pics

I know that Curtis and Daniel have been back from Goose hunting for over a month, but I had the last of the hunting pics to post as well as D in his snazzy new sweater from Nana.  So, here they are!

Daniel in his rock'in new sweater from Nana!  Steph, we can start putting the boy ones away in 
hopes that you don't have to fight with Maddie!  You will also note that D's goose call has 2 bands on it.  It is customary to put the bands that you get from shooting banded birds on your call.  D and his Papa and Dad got two banded birds this year.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Our Spirit is Leaving Us

For the last couple of weeks we have been blessed to share our home with Spirit.  He was found running on the highway down south and came to our house to cool his jets and wait to be fixed.  Tomorrow he is on his way to Olds College to help with the Animal Health Technologist Program.  He will be altered, have blood work done and get to take part in the animal massage therapy program as well.  He will stay at the College for a month and then make his way to his new adoptive home outside of Calgary.

We are going to miss the big lug.

Greyhound Walk in Edmonton

On September 21st, Claire and I took Chester, Sidney and Molly to the Edmonton Greyhound Walking Club Walk.  It started at 10:00 in the morning, which I think is crazy!  Afternoon walks are soooo much better.  Claire took these pictures to all credit goes to her.