Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Edmonton Eskimos Pre-Season

In June Daniel and I took our friends, Dena and Hyrum to an Eskimos pre-season game.  We had a great time, but almost froze our butts off!  It is crazy how the wind whips around that stadium.

Pictures taken by Daniel

Monday, July 27, 2009

Mayor for a Day and the Onoway Heritage Days

Can't sleep....  thought I would update the blog since I have the whole month of June to upload and we are heading to Seattle in a week and Lord knows there will be pics to upload then and great, great stories to tell.

The 1st weekend in June marks the annual Heritage Days in our little town of Onoway.  The great thing about this year was that Daniel won an essay contest and became Mayor for the Day. Daniel got to spend the day with the current Mayor, George Jendyk, glad handing throughout the community.  He started out at the pancake breakfast 1st thing in the morning and then took part in the parade as one of the dignitaries.  Took a few spins on the three (yes, three) amusement rides and finished up the day listening to the old time fiddlers.  Started at 7:30 am and I picked him up at 3:00pm.  He was a little tired!!  Had a great time though and said the best part about being Mayor of Onoway was that you got a sticker for your car that allows you to park anywhere.  Now, the funny part about this is that Onoway is a very small town with no restricted parking.  Too Funny.  

While Daniel was doing the Mayor thing, Curtis, Claire and I took in the festivities.  Claire had a good time on the three rides.  Salt and Pepper shaker scared her a little bit, but Curtis thought it was great fun.

The theme this year was a salute to our military so
there were lots of old antique and current day
military vehicles in the parade.

Daniel in the parade!

Daniel and George at the end of their day.

Claire on the giant swing ride

Claire on the spinning ride.

Claire and Curtis on the Salt and Pepper Shakers.