Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mini Handball in Mayorthorpe

This spring Daniel decided to join the Onoway Elementary Mini handball program. This is a game that you play that is sort of a cross between basketball and soccer. You score on a net and you are allowed to carry the ball, but only for up to 3 steps and then you have to pass the ball up the court in order to score a goal. Actually it is a pretty cool game and is very popular in Europe. You can only join this club at school when you are in grade 5 and 6. Daniel decided against it last year, but thought he would give it a try this year. The highlight of the mini handball season is the Mini Handball Jamboree in Mayorthorpe. You register for this day of playing and fun activities and then you are put on a team with kids from all over our region. This was great because Daniel got to meet some new kids and make new friends. I helped out and got to be the team supervisor for the Panthers (Daniel's team). The Panthers lost one game, tied another and won 2 so, a good day! They also had to complete a puzzle, answer trivia questions and come up with a team cheer all of which were worth points that were added up at the end of the day to find the winning team. Daniel's team didn't win the trophy, but all players went home with a re-usable lunch bag and great memories!

Daniel catching the ball on the way to the goal.

Team photo after puzzle building

Working on the puzzle

Completed puzzle

Team photo before 1st game

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hello everyone!  I know, it has been a very long time since this blog was updated, but it has been very surreal at our house this last month and a half.  There will be some major changes here, but nothing has been set in stone so, nothing to share as of yet.  I promise to catch you all up when I can.

On March 13th, Claire celebrated her 9th birthday with a quiet party at home.  She invited her best friends from school and they all had a wonderful time just hanging out.  They went outside and ripped around while Papa (yes, we were lucky enough to have Nana and Papa come and celebrate with us) and Curtis roasted weiners for hotdogs.  Claire is very blessed to have found such great friends at her new school.  I would have them all back tomorrow if they wanted to come.

Claire's Lazy Daisy birthday cake made by 
Nana and herself.  The cherries are
an added personal touch

Dad delivering the cake to the table

Claire's dear friend, Addison, VERY excited about the
fruit tray.

Papa delivering the roasted Wieners

  Claire and her friends opening presents

Official party portrait.
From the left, Shae, Troy, Claire, Spencer,  Daniel, Addison
Emma and Tanisha.