Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Claire Skis the Berkie

For the 2nd week in a row, Claire bundled up and Skied the Birkebeiner. The weather was less than Stellar, but she went for it anyway!!! The night before and just before the race, a ton of wet, squishy snow fell, making the well groomed trails not so well groomed. Claire skied 5 kms, but he skiing coach did the full race of 55 kms with a 5.5 kg pack strapped to his back. Mr. Dunn said it was the hardest Berkie he had completed in a long time.

People like to dress up for the Birkie. This is a clown waiting at the start line.

Another clown at the start.

Claire in the warm up tent before heading out to the start line.
Doesn't she look impressed with the weather?
Claire trying to stay warm at the start line.
Ready to go!
At the finish line. 5kms complete!