Monday, July 30, 2007

Daniel's New Dojo

Daniel has been spending the last couple of weeks settling in nicely at Arashi Do Edmonton, North. We had a momentous occasion today as he did his kate, tournament style. At the beginning you have to do an announce that goes like this:

"Judges, my name is Daniel Patience and I represent Arashi Do Martial Arts of Edmonton, Alberta, the kata I will do today is ........ with your permission I will begin."

Daniel has said Arashi Do Martial Arts of Red Deer, Alberta since he started karate at the tender age of 5. It was a big moment and I almost cried. He never missed a beat though, so he must be feeling like he has found a new home. Life goes on.

Here are some pics of Daniel's new home.

Arashi Do Edmonton, North is conveniently located directly behind Wholesale Sports. That is for you Papa!

This is the changing area as you come in the front door.

This is the office/front desk area that is to the right of the changing area.

This is the mainfloor mat area. Check out the cool climbing wall!

This is the upstairs mat area. Daniel's new Sensei, Mike is on the left in the picture.

I have to give credit where it is due so thanks Claire for being the photog on this one!

Friday, July 27, 2007

A Day in the Life of Acreage Living

Yesterday Curtis was out chopping wood (already feels the need to get ready for winter, sigh) and he came across a wasp nest quite by mistake. After a very quick trip into the house slowed only by falling over a large tree, Curtis informed me that he had just been stung by five wasps and asked me to inspect them. I was about 10 pages from the end of the Deathly Hallows (very good by the way) so I was less than enthusiastic and checked them out quickly and continued with my reading.

The next thing I heard was a lot of rustling and Curtis getting ready to attend to getting rid of the wasp nest doned in his green long sleeved golf jacket, camo hunting mask, camo hat and gloves taped over his hands. He was equipped with the best catching device available, black tape and a green plastic garbage bag. Well, I had to go and watch and the Deathly Hallows had to wait.

This is the wasp's nest. Curtis says it is the biggest he has seen in a long time.

This is the outfit that was the best for wasp catching. He is preparing to sneak up on the wasps.

He is now putting the bag over the wasp's nest.

One of the wasp's outsmarted him and managed to stung him in the hand through the cloth part of the gloves Curtis had on.

The bag has been successfully taped around the wasp's nest to the piece of wood to which it is attached. YAY!!

Now to cut the end of the stick off that has the nest attached. Please note Curtis' new chain saw. He says it cuts like butter, but I have decided to take his word for it. I think that I should treat the chain saw just like the riding lawn mower and avoid learning how to operate it as long as possible.

Curtis has successfully removed the nest/stick/bag from the wood pile!

Now that we are quite sure none of the super angry wasps have followed the crazy man and the plastic bag we have time to examine it up close and answer any questions the audience may have.

Curtis is now drowning the wasps in the bag in the pond.

Daniel is sure that he has learned enough to take care of the little buggers next time.

AAAHHHHH the excitement of Country living, now back to my book!

New House Part 2

Here are some pics of the inside of the new house
This is the back door entryway.

This is the kitchen, obviously.

This is the diningroom.

This is the livingroom

This is the hallway upstairs that leads to the bedrooms.

This is the spareroom.

This is the materbedroom.

This is the walkin closet in the masterbedroom. Light is off because it is messy.

This is the upstairs bathroom, excuse the mess. Should have left the light off!

and finally, this is the office. Now you have seen the upstairs!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Our New House

Here are the much awaited pics of our new house. I promise to put up inside pics very soon.
This is the front of the house. Our laneway is about 100 yards long. The tiny people will need a "bus hut" once the cold weather hits.

This is the back of the house.

This is the garage.

This is our pond. It is supposed to be 15 feet deep and I think Curtis is going to try and find some Trout for in it. They shouldn't winter kill at that depth. We currenly have a muscrat or small beaver in residence, but he isn't always there. The kids and I think that he comes for vacation to get away from his parents.

This is Sidney enjoying his "back 9". People that own a quarter section always call what is not their house the "back 40". We have 10 acres so we call the side yard where the pond is the "back 9". There is the explanation for all you city folks. The next picture is Alex, our first official foster here at our new place. He is a coldblood (non-racer) and therefore did not have to be on leash. He loved it out here ripping around and driving Tipper crazy. I don't have a pic of Tipper, but she is loving all the access to sticks!

Daniel took this picture of greyhound tracks by our pond. I guess we are leaving our mark on the place.