Monday, December 19, 2011

Claire's 2011 Christmas Voice Recital

On December 18, 2011, Claire performed at her Christmas Voice Recital.

This is Claire's first year with her new teacher, Dori Whyte, and she is really enjoying it.  I think that she had out grown her previous teacher and it is great that she gets to challenge herself a little more with Dori.

She is starting her 2nd theory book already and Claire will be taking her Grade 3 practical exam at the end of June.

Claire's friend, Addison, came to offer her support.  They celebrated
Claire's success in the hot tub when we got home!

OHS Christmas Concert

On December 9, 2011, the Onoway High School held their annual Christmas concert to showcase all of the students that are taking part in the band program.

Daniel is again a member of the Honor's Band and his Grade 9 Class Band.

The evening started with Carlam and the kids and I heading to the school to have supper in the cafeteria.  The graduating class hosts the dinner every year as a fundraiser for their grad celebrations.  This year we had lasagna, ceasar salad and garlic toast with some kind of caramel pudding with ice cream, for dessert.  It was very yummy!!!!

As always, the performances were fantastic and I could have stayed and listened to the tremendous music forever.  Well, until I had to pee, anyway.  (gg)

Here are some of the pics I took and the performance from Daniel's grade 9 class band.  Sorry, but it appears that I didn't take any video of the Honor's Band performing.  You will have to wait until spring for that.

Daniel playing in the Grade 9 Band

Hyrum and his Tuba

One of the Gregson girls playing her GIANT tuba!!!

Mr. Saumer in his awesome Christmas hat.  The hat lit up and
stood at attention!!!

The Saxophone Quartet

The tuba duet

Daniel again.

2011 Onoway Elementary School Christmas Concert

On December 1, 2011, the Onoway Elementary School performed their "area famous" Christmas concert.  The 2011 concert did not disappoint.

Tryouts were held in the middle of November and Claire tried out for, and got the lead part as Santa.  We were very, very proud of her and of course, she kicked butt!!!!!

She was also involved in the Senior Choir (grades 4-6) and the Hand Bell Choir.  The members of the Hand Bell choir get up and head to the school for practice every Thursday morning at 7:00 am.  That means that we are up and out the door at 6:40 am every Thursday so that we can pick up Claire's friend, Addison, and head to the school.  It is totally worth the sacrifice of a few minutes extra sleep to see the kids performing soooo well.

This year was Claire's last elementary school concert as she will age out when she moves up to grade 7.  I have to admit that I was a little teary when this realization hit me during the concert while I was watching Claire and her friends up there on the stage.  They are all growing up into such amazing young women.  It just all seems to be slipping away so quickly, but at the same time I am so excited to see what becomes of all of them as they grow.  Ahhhh, being a parent!!!

The Beginning of the play with the Senior
Choir on stage, ready to perform

Claire and Emma ready to sing

Eve singing her heart out

Here is a video of the Choir performing one of their songs.

Claire performing in the Hand Bell Choir

Emma with her bell in the Hand Bell Choir

Here is a video of the Hand Bell Choir performing!!!

Claire watching the music

Emma playing her hand bell

The Hand Bell Choir

Sheraya and Addison, the reindeer

Claire as Santa.  HO HO HO!!!!!

Emma, the Pirate.  ARRRRGGGG!!!

This is a video of Emma singing the Pirate Song.  Sorry it is sideways.  GRRR!!!

Eve as an Elf.  She had a speaking part and was AWESOME!!!

Spencer and Troy.  Troy was one cool cowboy pirate!

Adorable Eve again!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Weekend with Family

In October, we had the pleasure of Matthew and Stephanie coming up to our place to spend a few days.  The draw of seeing Matthew and Steph was too strong for her best friend, Jenn, to ignore so, she and her sweet Maddie came to spend some time with all of us as well.

I didn't take a lot of pictures, but this is what I did manage to snap.

Claire obviously doesn't want her picture taken

Daniel enjoying a super funny birthday card

Daniel enthralled with his new phone

Matthew and Papa seeing what he got for his birthday.
It was pretty cool to be able to celebrate D and Papa's
birthdays together.

The onlookers.  Matthew wanted to sit on his own
stool when Maddie decided that she was going to sit on
her own stool.

Papa and the kids outside.

Steph and I catching up

I love this picture of Dexter and Matthew.  Dexter's feet
don't even touch the ground.  He is definitely going to get
that soccer ball before Matthew.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Onoway High School Honor's Night

At the end of September every year the Onoway High School has their awards night to celebrate the academic achievement from the previous year.

Both Daniel and his BFF, Hyrum, received the grade 8 academic achievement award.  This means that they maintained an average of 80% or higher in all their grade 8 classes.

Congratulations to all the grade eight students, especially Daniel and Hyrum!!!!!!

Daniel with his award

The group getting their awards

Hyrum with his award

The group with their awards and their plaque

Congratulations to Daniel and Hyrum

When Greyhounds are Left Home Alone

So, I am not sure how this happened, but somehow our foster greyhound, Darrell, ended up under the couch.  We had him this fall for a few weeks and he is now happily living with his forever family.

Darrell is saying "stop taking pictures and get me the heck
out of here"

Summer Visitors

Over the course of last winter I got stuck in my driveway many, many times.  This was due to shitty tires, my absolute hatred of snow and cold and my very poor reversing skills.

I am very lucky to have AMAZING neighbors, Garth and Courtney MacDonald.  They live just up the road from me and Garth was very happy to come out and unstuck me every time I needed it.  He also suggested that I work on my "backing up" skills so that we didn't have to keep meeting in the dark beside my garbage can.

During the process of unstucking me he mentioned that he would be grateful if I would agree to pasture his horses for him and Courtney over the summer.  Me???? Want horses on my property that I didn't have to be responsible for and would just be free to spoil with treats and loves??  Well, needless to say, I said "YES, how soon can they come over"!!!!!

Well, Garth and Courtney thought we should wait until spring arrived at least and then much to my disgust, we had a very wet spring/summer and it was well into September before they arrived.  Monty and Sam were ridden down the road to my place where they stayed until just a couple of days ago.

They were very fun to have for the few short months they were here.  They LOVE horse treats, especially Monty, and the kids were able to approach them with no issues at all.  They even brushed them a few times.

Can't wait for them to come back next year!!!!

Claire, Daniel and Monty (Sam in the background)

Claire and Monty.  There are more pictures of Monty
because he is the boss of Sam and Monty really, really likes
horse cookies.

Claire and Monty in the pasture with Sam

See Monty's ears.  He thinks Sam is coming up behind him to
steal cookies from Claire.

Claire and Monty discussing how many cookies are
appropriate for a guy his size.  Claire thinks two or three,
Monty thinks the entire bag.

Monty and Sam enjoying their fall digs.