Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Daniel's First Official Goose Hunt

Well, the time has finally come. Daniel got to go to MB for goose hunting and do something other than be the dog (retriever). He passed his Hunter Safety Training Course at the end of August and got a shotgun from all his family for an early birthday present, so, he was ready to, as he and his Papa like to say, "BLAST 'EM!!!!"
Daniel and his Dad went and stayed with my parents (yes, all the grownups in this family need to pat themselves on the back for making it possible for Daniel to hunt with his Dad and his Papa) for the week following Thanksgiving and had a great time. Daniel needs to be exposed to all the testosterone he can get when he lives with Claire and I!! He slept with his gun by his bed so that he wouldn't forget to bring it home.
By the way, Daniel will be 13 on Friday. Time sure flies.....