Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Claire's June Recital

Look at me go! Two updates in less than two weeks! I should get a medal!! This is Claire singing in her final recital of the year. She is singing Part of your World from The Little Mermaid. I have to apologize for cutting off the end, ran out of memory in my camera. Anyway, enjoy!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

2009 WKC Provincials in Edmonton

Just to wrap up.... Daniel had a great tournament at Provincials this year and we are so proud of all the amazing things he has done with his martial arts since he started at the ripe old age of six. This year he won gold and silver for his efforts. We did not attend Nationals in Hull, QC this year and as a result will not be going to World's in Ireland (bummer). Oh well, there are always other years.

Gold Medal Continuous Match, round 2

This is the final round of the Gold Medal match for the +40 kg, -12 year old boys Continuous Division. Daniel won this fight handily by taking Sensei Mike's instructions and executing them exactly. WAY TO GO DANIEL! Provincial Champion again!

Gold Medal Continuous Match Round 1

This is the 1st round of the Gold medal Continuous match at the National Qualifier in Alberta for 2009. Daniel did EXACTLY what Sensei Mike said and did an all round awesome job! The high pitched screaming is the other kid losing it becasue Daniel keeps side kicking him in the gutt. The ref for this match is Robby Lavoie, an incredible world class point fighter from Toronto that came to show the kids from Alberta his stuff.

-12 Point Fighting Gold Medal Match

Daniel is in black fighting Nick from Cheney's in Red Deer. Daniel ended up with the silver medal in his weight class for point fighting.

Daniel Competing in 2009 Alberta WKC Provincials

This is Daniel doing his Kata at the 2009 Alberta National Qualifier. He ended up placing 4th overall. Top 6 qualified to attend Natonals in Ottawa on the May long weekend. Daniel did not compete at Nationals this year.