Thursday, December 15, 2011

Weekend with Family

In October, we had the pleasure of Matthew and Stephanie coming up to our place to spend a few days.  The draw of seeing Matthew and Steph was too strong for her best friend, Jenn, to ignore so, she and her sweet Maddie came to spend some time with all of us as well.

I didn't take a lot of pictures, but this is what I did manage to snap.

Claire obviously doesn't want her picture taken

Daniel enjoying a super funny birthday card

Daniel enthralled with his new phone

Matthew and Papa seeing what he got for his birthday.
It was pretty cool to be able to celebrate D and Papa's
birthdays together.

The onlookers.  Matthew wanted to sit on his own
stool when Maddie decided that she was going to sit on
her own stool.

Papa and the kids outside.

Steph and I catching up

I love this picture of Dexter and Matthew.  Dexter's feet
don't even touch the ground.  He is definitely going to get
that soccer ball before Matthew.

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