Sunday, December 11, 2011

Summer Visitors

Over the course of last winter I got stuck in my driveway many, many times.  This was due to shitty tires, my absolute hatred of snow and cold and my very poor reversing skills.

I am very lucky to have AMAZING neighbors, Garth and Courtney MacDonald.  They live just up the road from me and Garth was very happy to come out and unstuck me every time I needed it.  He also suggested that I work on my "backing up" skills so that we didn't have to keep meeting in the dark beside my garbage can.

During the process of unstucking me he mentioned that he would be grateful if I would agree to pasture his horses for him and Courtney over the summer.  Me???? Want horses on my property that I didn't have to be responsible for and would just be free to spoil with treats and loves??  Well, needless to say, I said "YES, how soon can they come over"!!!!!

Well, Garth and Courtney thought we should wait until spring arrived at least and then much to my disgust, we had a very wet spring/summer and it was well into September before they arrived.  Monty and Sam were ridden down the road to my place where they stayed until just a couple of days ago.

They were very fun to have for the few short months they were here.  They LOVE horse treats, especially Monty, and the kids were able to approach them with no issues at all.  They even brushed them a few times.

Can't wait for them to come back next year!!!!

Claire, Daniel and Monty (Sam in the background)

Claire and Monty.  There are more pictures of Monty
because he is the boss of Sam and Monty really, really likes
horse cookies.

Claire and Monty in the pasture with Sam

See Monty's ears.  He thinks Sam is coming up behind him to
steal cookies from Claire.

Claire and Monty discussing how many cookies are
appropriate for a guy his size.  Claire thinks two or three,
Monty thinks the entire bag.

Monty and Sam enjoying their fall digs.

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